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15/12/2015 Actualitat
Decorate your own piece of glass C. Joan Griñó, 11 - 43430 Vimbodí (Vimbodí i Poblet) - ...
11/12/2018 Actualitat
Facebook and Instagram (@larutadelcister) and YouTube https://goo.gl/ghRBcn
13/11/2018 Actualitat
If you like walking quietly, the Conca de Barberà is your ideal region. Check out the ...
03/10/2018 Actualitat
Discover the wine made from this grape variety native to Conca de Barberà, which you can ...
02/10/2018 Actualitat
Buying just one ticket, you can explore three of the most beautiful medieval monasteries ...
02/10/2018 Actualitat
New Visitor Center and new Museum tour, are two new equipment that allow you to locate ...
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